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At Whisk Catering, we pride ourselves on our expert menu planning and providing you and your guests with a menu tailored to your needs.  Included are menus with some of our new and classic favourites.  Let us know if you see something you like or if you have a special request; otherwise, let us do the work!  We will sift through our repertoire and create the perfect menu for your event.

About Chris

When most boys his age were conquering the monkey bars, Christopher Macklon was writing fan mail to his idol, domestic authority Martha Stewart. Her return letter encouraged the 10-year-old to continue his early collections of vintage & antique tableware, along with his growing interest in gourmet cooking, inadvertently setting the foundation for Edmonton’s most prestige catering house, Whisk Catering.

Four years studying architectural and interior design honed Macklon’s personal aesthetic and became the stepping-stone for transforming his passion for all-things-domestic into a dynamic business governed by style, elegance and efficiency.

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A Few of Our Clients