About Whisk

Whisk Catering is a full-service event planning and catering company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta.  We provide professional and cost-effective catering solutions with superior customer service for any occasions.

We take pride in offering a wide array of seasonal menu items in addition to professional custom menu design.  All of our fare is proudly home-made from fresh and high-quality ingredients that are hand-selected from local markets and suppliers.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience by exceeding expectations with delicious cuisine, exceptional service, and creative presentation at an affordable cost.


About Chris Macklon


When most boys his age were conquering the monkey bars, Christopher Macklon was writing fan mail to his idol, domestic authority Martha Stewart. Her return letter encouraged the 10-year-old to continue his early collections of vintage & antique tableware, along with his growing interest in gourmet cooking, inadvertently setting the foundation for Edmonton’s trusted catering house, Whisk Catering.

Four years studying architectural and interior design honed Macklon’s personal aesthetic and became the stepping-stone for transforming his passion for all-things-domestic into a dynamic business governed by style, elegance and efficiency.

When an architectural client invited Macklon to cater a private cocktail party for over 100 guests, the occasion not only engaged his entire skill set, but also energized and excited the young entrepreneur. The party was a success and it gave Macklon confidence to move into Edmonton’s competitive home entertaining market.

Ten years after establishing Whisk Catering, Macklon still prides himself on being present at every occasion to ensure a standard of detailed, high-caliber care for his burgeoning client list.

When not cooking and designing menus, Macklon can be found scouring junk stores and estate sales, adding to his growing collections and list of projects around his home.

Chris was recently featured in the Edmonton Journal article “Dining like Don Draper: Get into the Mad Men party groove” as well as Derks Mens Wear “Host Like Whisk Catering”.